MaltMUN’s Speak Up: Louder! at the U.S. Embassy

The MaltMUN Society is an independent, internationally-minded organization committed to securing close ties among the most diverse of its members, investing in their personal development and nurturing leadership skills, whilst embracing the spirit of the United Nations throughout.

Following last year’s successful public speaking seminar, MaltMUN organized Speak Up: Louder, held on Friday, 12th of September, at the US Embassy. The evening started off with a warm welcome from Ms. Winnie Hofstetter, U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer, whereby in her introductory speech she expressed the embassy’s support for MaltMUN’s work in developing young people. This was followed by a number of short presentations, delivered by Society President Chris Bergedahl and Events Officer Luisa Cassar Pullicino, illustrating the essential tips to be followed in both speech preparation and public speaking.

The seminar also involved a number of practical exercises, focusing on delivery skills and confidence-building. Participants were given the opportunity to put all that they learnt throughout the evening to the test in a workshop involving the preparation and delivery of a 2-minute speech on a range of topical issues.

MaltMUN members with experience in Model United Nations programs overseas also shared their experiences. In fact, in the following weeks MaltMUN will be sending its next delegation to the Cambridge University International Model United Nations and encourages all those interested in attending similar simulations to keep an eye out for future MUNs, which MaltMUN will be taking part of.


For more information about the society and future events, follow us on Facebook (fb.com/MaltMUN) or send us an email on maltmunsociety@gmail.com



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