Committee Members

Patrick Farrugia
Once again, I find myself part of this dynamic and fantastic team known as the Malta Model United Nations Society; and this time at the helm. Now in my fourth year of legal studies at the University of Malta, I have come to appreciate that there is more to life and studies than tediously exhausting books and endless piles of notes on theory. Learning is not simply a sit-down-and-study activity, but one which requires a great deal of practice in the real world. Presenting oneself with poise, putting forward one’s ideas with decisiveness, and being able to stick to one’s guns are only snippets of what MaltMUN can help youths and young adults harness within themselves. MUN is one of the most unique environments in the public speaking and negotiation world where one can put into practice all these skills and more, and have them realised to their full potential. I believe that skills such as these are essential to any person in paving the way for a successful career, along whatever professional avenue they may choose to pursue. This year’s Executive Committee members, comprising both old and new faces, are eagerly putting their all into upholding the name of MaltMUN, and I can’t wait to see the results of what seems to be shaping up to be an excellent year!

Sean Portelli
Vice President
Looking back to where I was last year, I can definitely say that being a part of the MaltMUN Secretariat has helped me grow. Working within the Society has taught me to be comfortable outside of my comfort zone. This is exactly what MaltMUN does, it places people in unknown waters, and it drives them to experience new terrain, and to live through unknown experiences. This year, I will be taking a role of seniority within the Society, and therefore, learning from past experiences, I will offer guidance, and push for continuity in ensuring that the Society grows, by threading new waters, whilst ensuring that it provides a platform for individuals to reach new heights of excellence.

Deborah Caruana
Secretary General
Since participating in the third MaltMUN conference for the first time in 2017, I have continuously been asking myself why I hadn’t done so earlier. As a graduate lawyer with a huge passion for international affairs, three intense and rewarding days of MUN proved to be so much more than any academic course had ever provided me with. I quickly realised how significantly the knowledge, challenges and skills which MUN offers can help in shaping future diplomats and diplomacy. I wish to witness more awareness and activism of local youths in foreign affairs; to bring more youths from around the world in the same room in order to sharpen their cultural intelligence and broaden their horizons together; to make sure that youths are not disheartened to be active by their lack of experience or knowledge – room to learn through MUN expands as much as each delegate allows it to! These are the objectives which I hoped to reach within this Society when I very eagerly joined to serve as Secretary General for its 2017/18 term. My administrative and organisational experience benefits me in diligently administering and overseeing the Society’s work to ensure that it reaches such objectives.

Samuel Camilleri Brancaleone
Deputy Secretary General
International politics has always been close to my heart. As a result the United Nations has always been something of interest to me. Ever since my first MUN and my second in London I have fallen in love with the concept and am glad to be part of the driven and hardworking team that aims to organize the fourth annual Malta Model United Nations. I’m sure that this year will be better than the rest.

Mark Ellul
Financial Officer
Being on a voluntary organisation executive has always been an intriguing experience, especially when it culminates into interacting with the public in one big event, this being the annual MaltMUN Conference. Our aim is to relate the Model United Nations experience along with the set of skills one adopts through debate. Debating in itself knows no boundaries – anyone should have the ability to engage in effective expression as it is key to a better understanding of our societies. As Financial Officer of the Society, my statutory responsibilities include known duties such as safeguarding the assets of the organisation and preparing financial statements for analysis. However, it also includes a participatory role of reaching out to the public for sponsorships and through these, being able to communicate the organisation’s aims.

Gabriella Mifsud
Conference Manager
Anyone who knows me well can easily tell you that I am a very driven and motivated person. I love following politics and current events and debating. The UN has always interested me because of its very purpose: to promote peace and diplomacy. Taking part in MaltMUN has allowed me to see my dream of becoming a diplomat be manifested; if only for a brief weekend! This is why I jumped at the chance of being able to organise the next MUN in Malta myself. Although this is a new experience for me, I can promise you that MaltMUN 2018 will be even better than ever!

Clare Camenzuli
International Officer
Anyone reading this post would naturally wonder why an engineer would be part of an Executive that mainly consists of law students. The answer to that question is quite straightforward: I love challenges. I chose the engineering profession for the simple reason that it offers a vast variety of career options that are hard to find elsewhere. I applied for the position of International Officer because I have a very hands-on approach to situations, which is essential when dealing with the organisation of logistics for trips abroad. I believe that a mixture of abilities is essential to run a productive and efficient Executive, which is why I applied to be part of this organisation. I am truly honoured to work with such a talented group of people who do their best to emulate the values that they believe in. At the end of the day, MaltMUN is about bringing people together at the negotiation table and come to a common agreement, which is a goal that I truly believe in and want to contribute towards.

Clara Chetcuti
Training Officer
I am honoured to have been appointed to yet another Executive team and to have been granted the privilege of watching a new generation of team-builders, debaters, and diplomats grow the Society that is so dear to my heart. I am sure that MaltMUN will continue to go from strength to strength in 2018, inspiring young career women and men to realise their potential by means of the transferable skills that only Model United Nations can impart to them. The apex of our success having been the organisation of 3 successful local simulations, we look forward to bringing the fourth edition of our Conference to Maltese youths’ very doorstep. For this, as for all our local and international ventures, we welcome students from all educational backgrounds as we believe that respectful self-presentation, diplomacy, effective negotiation, and civic awareness are universally applicable and much-needed qualities in a climate of division.

Anna Grech
I.T. Officer
As a fifth year law student who previously studied Maths and Physics at A-levels, I’ve never been a stranger to jumping into the unknown. Although taking up the role of IT Officer seemed alien at first, in hindsight I think it has made my university career come full circle – starting with the unfamiliar and ending with it too! In this role I am once again learning new skills and facing different challenges. I feel that I am also contributing to a Society whose ethos is one of furthering analytical thinking through debate and public speaking skills. The Society also challenges the conventional methods of learning and enriching oneself. MaltMUN empowers participants to give their utmost, experience new challenges and flourish on a national as well as international platform. I am excited to be a part of this team and to see where MaltMUN’s ideas and aims will take us.